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How superstars became influencers, and how their name influences us

We've all heard about it, Beyoncé just had two stunning twins. I'm not going to specifically talk about these two, you can find info about them EVERYWHERE, + it's not this website's goal, I'm here to analyse how today's superstars can influence us and how they want their legacy to continue.

You would've thought Beyoncé and Jay Z would've wanted their kids to have more of a private life, even though bey did a photoshoot with them, the couple invested more than a million dollars for maximum security, no pictures of them at the hospital, they basically tried to avoid all paparazzis. However, supposedly around June 26, the parents decided to trademark their two new born babies' name (Rumi and Sir), just like they did with their older sister.

This obviously predicts a big future for those two twins, who'll be able to use their name for E-VERY-THING. They could end up creating their own clothing lines, makeup brand, or anything else and name it with their names.

This reminds us of the Kardashians, who did the same with their last name, and now have in addition to their show their own brand, hairline, makeup, etc.. Though young sister Kylie tried to trademark her name, which failed. Kim Kardashian's makeup line sold out in half an hour, and Kylie's in a minute (for her first launch). But why are we so attracted to their makeup lines, which at the end of the day are not so different than any others you can find in Sephora ?

In today's world, celebrities are much more than they use to be. With the help of social media, they became influencers. They can create their own brands, and just by putting their name on it, everyone will be craving for it. There is also the phenomenon of "rarity", people wanting something because nobody else has it, and it's really rare. An example of this are the YEEZYs, Kanye West's sneaker he designed with adidas which are, on purpose obviously, always out of stock. Even though those shoes can resell super expensive, people will still want to buy them, hoping that their value will grow so that they can sell them again. A whole market was created around that, which just goes to show the amount of power that today's celebrities have.


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