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Back to work essential

It's the end of summer, and you're going to need to start thinking about your work supplies, clothing, and even books we recommend. Wether you're a student or a CEO, we're going to show you here everything you need for when you get back to work.


Some of us love it, some of us HATE it, but you have to do it. You won't believe the time and the energy that you'll save when you become organized, being organized = becoming productive, and being productive= having more time for yourself.

Try getting a cute/cool agenda or a to-do-list that will make you want to stick to it. There are tons of DIYs on the internet to even create your own, and if you're more of a "visual person", write your to do list on a white board that you'll put somewhere in your office or home where you're always going to see it. Therefore, you'll never forget what you have to do.

I also recommend reading Harvard's Business Review's guide to being more productive for those of you who prefer something more detailed.


It's crazy what those kinds of book can do to you, while reading them you instantly feel like you can conquer the world. There are tons of motivational books like this but you're going to have to choose the one that personally fits you and your needs. Our personal favorite are any from Tony Robbins, however, as he said himself, "wisdom is applied knowledge".

You have to apply everything you learn in those books in your everyday life, otherwise that knowledge you've acquired would directly go to waste.

So take notes, highlight important quotes, do whatever you think will help you apply your knowledge.


Have trouble feeling more confident ? Here's a tip: you can get some just by dressing well ;) So go for it, even when you're alone at home but got some work to do, don't just stay in pajamas, dress well: you'll get that extra motivation.

4) START THE DAY IN A GOOD MOOD Do you wake up every morning with the only thing you're thinking about is how much you want to get back to bed ? Yes ? Surprise! You're like 99% of the world. But this usually leads to a lot of negativity, specially if you usually wake up late, which will obviously lead to having a bad day. So of course I'm not asking you to automatically wake up and be jumping around, just remember that if you leave home with the feeling that you're going to slay that day, chances are you will.

So set that alarm a bit earlier, don't be in a rush, leave your place dressed amazing and ready to slay.


Do you ever have that feeling where you think you just spent 10 min on social media but you actually just spent half an hour ? Probably.

I know it's hard, it really was for me, but you don't imagine all that time you loose being on your phone. Even though it requires no physical/mental effort from you, being on your phone really drains your energy, it's crazy.

So what can you do ?

I used to be completely addicted to my phone, and still am a bit to be honest, so I decided to delete Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter from my phone for just two weeks. This might be complicated if you need those for your job, and if you do do this while you're on vacation.

The result ? I read two books, went to museums, saw my friends more, painted (even though I'm terrible at it), and did things that actually are, you guessed it, pro-duc-tive.

I'm not planning to live under a rock for the rest of my life, so of course I reinstalled all of those apps, but I'm now much more conscious on the time that I spend on them.


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